First Announcement of the International Conference “Universal Basic Income: For a New Social Contra


We live in a time when the circumstances in the global economic and political market make it necessary to examine new models not only of the welfare state, but the entire concept of labour in postmodern society. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is just such an idea, which offers questions, answers, suggestions and solutions that do not dependent on an individual’s work requirements, but place the individual, equality and freedom at the very heart of understanding the state.

The international conference Universal Basic Income: For a New Social Contract in Europe, which will take place between 11 and 12 October at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, will be an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions about the challenges of the postmodern world and hold an important discussion on the possibility of introducing UBI in Slovenia.

The conference will bring together leading theoreticians on UBI and the social welfare state and open the space for an international discussion and an exchange of global experiences on this topic. Among the keynote speakers will be: Prof. Philippe Van Parijs, world’s authority on UBI; Prof. Guy Standing, co-founder of BIEN, and Klaus Sambor, BIEN Austria. Slovenian experts and academicians will also present their views, among them Prof.  Jože Mencinger and Dr Igor Pribac.

The international meeting is organised by the Novum Institute (Slovenia) and the European Liberal Forum with the support of Projekt: Polska. It is funded by the European Parliament.

Attendance at the conference is free of charge; participants can register online (there is a limited number of seats). You can find the draft programme at For all other information, please contact us at


We look forward to your participation at the meeting where we will bring together top collocutors in the field of UBI and pave new paths and provide the right considerations!