San Patrignano – professional training for overcoming drug abuse problem


San Patrignano is a largest centre in Europe for rehabilitation of individuals with drug abuse problems situated near Rimini in Italy. They use professional training as a tool for a social rehabilitation. To individuals welcomed in the community besides learning a job they offer home, healthcare, legal assistance, and the opportunity to study – with an aim to grow and make change in their life.


San Patrignano will be presented at the conference by Mrs Elisa Rubini on Friday, April 15th.


San Patrignano considers a drug addict as a unique individual that has potentials and capabilities which need to be rediscovered and learned to express. The centre exists from 1978 and offer the service free of charge. The economic resources are collected through activities as well through private and public contributions.


Among many products and services San Patrignano offers are as well food and wine, graphic design and breeding horses.

Photo: San Patrignano