The HUB: office and support for inspiring entrepreneurship


The Hub from UK is a social enterprise that inspires and supports imaginative and enterprising initiatives that address today's social, cultural and environmental challenges. The Hub offers to its members a place to work and meet. It can be defined as a place that is a member's club, an innovation agency, a fully equipped office and a think-tank all in one.


The Hub will be presented at the conference in Ljubljana on 15th April by Mr. Jonathan Robinson, one of the founders. It is a chance to learn and be inspired as maybe even join.


Their philosophy is that there always exist good ideas in the world, but the problem that prevails is a lack of access, resources and the impact of ideas. The Hub’s mission is to fill in this lack and create places around the world that offer space and resources as well as the knowledge, experience and investment.


Today The Hub exists in 12 cities across four continents.

Photo: The HUB