Social Entrepenurship Conference in Prekmurje (Dec 10th 2010)


On 10 December 2010, the Slovenian region of Pomurje hosted a conference Social Entrepreneurship – Challenges and Perspectives. The organisation team was also there.


The aim of the conference was to strengthen the public awareness about the Social Entrepreneurship and its role in the development of the Pomurje region and Slovenia in general.


Pomurje region is the least developed region in Slovenia with the highest rate of unemployment which has almost doubled with the economic crisis. From September 2008 till January 2010 the unemployment in Pomurje has grew from 10,9 to 21,1 percent. In this respect, Social Entrepreneurship could just present a sustainable way out of the crisis.


The conference, organised by social enterprise Pribinovina from Pomurje was the final phase in undertaking the public procurement on the potential Social Entrepreneurship projects in the Pomurje region.