Social Entrepreneurship in Slovenia – Association MOZAIK


The Association for Social Inclusion, Mozaik, works on social integration of the most vulnerable groups through social and economic programs.


The Association works on developing innovative programs that help the vulnerable social groups members in work integration and employment in activities related to organic farming, organic food processing, traditional construction, eco-tourism and landscape care.


The Mozaik’s activities include job training programs, development of mentoring structure for the management and psychosocial support, development of new forms of employment, and marketing of products and services. 



Offering employment to vulnerable social groups


The Mozaik runs the eco-social farm Korenika in Šalovci, in the Goričko region, that enables alternative forms of employment of people from vulnerable social groups through organic farming. In addition to providing opportunities for training and work, farm offers products in the eco-tourism market. As part of the farm operates as well an employment centre.


They administer also the Residential Community in the municipality Puconci and the Shelter for the Homeless in Murska Sobota. The purpose of the both is to offer accommodation, while facilitating the social inclusion of the residents, active involvement in the labour market, or merely helping to sort out distressed socio-economic situation.